Thursday, November 15, 2012

Blog Neglection

O my! I feel like a bad parent who should be turned in to social services. Earlier this summer I fell behind on my blog and I kept thinking, well, I'm so far behind it will take a while to catch up so i'll do it this weekend, then it was the next weekend and, well, now it's November.

From here on out this will be a new blog, daily recipes from my family and I!

I will apologize in advance because there will be a short interlude sometime between December 26 and January 2. My husban (yes husband!!) and I will be driving from my parents house in Sparks, NV, to his parents house in Rosenberg, TX and then heading up to our new home (where we will finally live together after 5 years!!!!) in Fayetteville, NC.

First recipe will come this evening... I'm thinking dessert!

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