Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's day Homemade Hamburgers

Yesterday all my dad wanted for Father's Day was chilliburgers and fries for dinner. So we all made homemade hamburgers with ground beef mixed with chopped onions and a few spices, and twice fried homemade french fries. For the french fries you cute up 2 potatoes and fry them in oil in small groups for a few minutes, when you take a group out put another in till all are cooked, then start over with the first batch you fried and fry them again. This makes them crunchier. When we were first making fries we fried the potatoes one time for a longer period of time and they were always just a little soggy. To solve that problem, you cook them twice!

We also had watermelon and dill pickles. For those who weren't allergic to everything there was also corn and cantaloup. They do make gluten free buns, however, I find it better to just eat the patty with the lettuce, tomatoes and cheese on it's own. Why add the carbs if it tastes just as good right?

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