Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lesson Learned

Life has been so crazy lately. Between work, helping out friends, hanging out with friends and sleep I haven't been doing much cooking.

An important lesson I learned recently is to read every single ingredient. One of the reasons I've been absent for a while is because I've been passing out every spare minute. I couldn't figure out how I could possibly be so tired when I've been sleeping so much.

A few days ago my mother and I went to the store together and I went to the natural foods section to get more bread. I picked up the same bread I got last time and realized it was in a different spot then it was before. Before it was on the bottom shelf with the other gluten free stuff, this time it was up a few shelves closer to the organic foods. This puzzled me so I began to inspect it. On the front of the bag it says "flourless" but I decided to read the ingredients. I didn't even get to read most of the ingredients before the words "organic wheat gluten" caught my eye. ... Awesome I thought. No wonder I've been feeling so crappy!

I used to be so careful but I got lazy and had started thinking, if it's on top of the gluten free shelf it's gluten free. Do not get lazy. Anytime you are buying a new product read it. No matter what.

On a happy food note Jimmy Johns #16 unwhich with thinny chip and a diet coke.. approx 440 calories. AMAZING! I looked up a salad at wendy's... just for the salad it was about 500. It's amazing how many calories are in "healthy foods". I guess it's all that filler the fast food restaurants talk about. Anyways, lol, so if you're gluten free and calorie conscious jimmy johns is amazing!

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