Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mexican Food Night! (with a little tangent added =P)

So, Mexican food has never been my favorite food but since I'm  often outvoted I've learned to work around my allergies to enjoy it.

Last night my family hosted a dinner for the members of my mother's union group. It was a potluck, more or less, and there was a ton of food. Many people who are gluten free could've enjoyed majority of the stuff there. We had homemade tamales, tacos, nachos, Mexican rice, and much more, but for those with an additional corn allergy, like lucky little me, most of this food is just something pretty to look at.

I was able to stuff myself with pulled pork and tamales. While tamales are wrapped in a corn husk, we made sure to make the insides gluten and corn free so that I could eat most of the meal. It was amazing. There is nothing quite like homemade food. My mom's friend Sarah made the tamales, one of my favorite parts is that she asked if 90 tamales would be enough..... There were 12 people. Haha we are going to be eating tamales forever.

Over the past year the most important thing I've learned is that there's always an option. Last week we went to a BBQ where the only thing they BBQd was pizza. Hello plate full of amazing toppings, strawberries, watermelon and carrots. Let me just say, gluten allergy? perfect excuse to be a fruit hoarder. You know that moment when you're at an event and the fruit looks amazing but it doesn't look as if there's enough for everyone... but part of you doesn't really care? Now I don't have to care haha if anyone asks why I'm taking all the fruit I'm like "Well, you can eat everything here, I can only eat the fruit ssssooo... I win!"

hahaha For a long time I looked at my gluten intolerance as an extreme and unfortunate burden, recently I've realized it is not even close. Not only do I feel so much better (I was so tired of feeling like my insides were going to explode!) but I have been introduced to so many new and interesting foods and people. It's kind of a special bond, being gluten free. You can talk about all the things you eat and the stuff you've tried and the best recipes and wheat alternatives and you get to educate people.

One of the most interesting things to me is when people learn about my "conditions" (as they're so often called) and the reply with "Wow, that sucks, I could never do that", or "What do you eat" or my personal favorite, "O my gosh! I would starve to death I don't know how you do it. Then I get to explain to them all of the things that I can and can not eat. It's always fun for me to watch their faces as the process the information. Sometimes I even make comments to their faces as if that's what they're thinking haha.

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